Benefits of being Dementia Focused

  • State-of-the-art tools you can implement right away
  • Up-to-date resources you can’t find anywhere else
  • Connect with experienced authorities who will share their proven strategies
  • Actionable advice to act on a.s.a.p.
  • Networking opportunities to meet and connect with like-minded colleagues
  • Opportunity to get a certification and trained in Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care.
Dementia Focus Practice Badge

We will share The Tools to Raise Your Practice to the Next Level of Purpose, Professionalism, and Profitability

  • Raise your practice to the next level of purpose, professionalism, and profitability as you serve clients and their families who are struggling with the challenges of dementia.
  • Discover best practices to promote your business to your ideal market and help you spread the word to your local community.
  • Attract more clients and become one of the forefront practices in your community by adding DFP to your practice.
  • Discover how to market DFP to attract these types of clients, your revenue will increase substantially and you won’t be increasing your client load. (We will show you how!)
  • Be given proven tools, tips, best practices on adding DF to your current practice. This approach will help you add efficiency, integrity, and compassion to your practice.
  • We will share proven effective plans when facing legal and financial difficulties that clients with dementia and their families present.

The reality of the world we live in is that by 2030, it’s projected that 82 million people worldwide will have some form of dementia. That’s only 9 years away. It’s Your Time to be The Premier Practice At The Forefront of Dementia Planning!

After you discover the proven tools, tips, and appropriate legal, medical, and social services information from this conference – your practice will make a greater impact on your community.

You will go beyond meeting your clients’ basic legal needs. By creating dementia-focused legal services, you will not only help your clients with interpreting the law and preparing documents, but you also help service your clients, their loved ones and do it with integrity and compassion.

“You’re Not Alone” 

“A contractor was at our office and happened to look up at our bookshelf with our various books and reports that we give out, including copies of our new Alzheimer’s “You’re Not Alone” Shooks. He starts getting choked up and asks our intern who is sitting nearby if he can buy a copy of the shook. He then goes on to explain, while almost sobbing, that his grandmother and mother both had Alzheimer’s and he and his wife have come to the forgone conclusion that he will likely end up with it someday and they’re terrified. We sent him home with the Shooks and discussed scheduling an appointment.

We are also in the launch phase of The Alzheimer’s Planning Center as a special division of our firm. We had some occasional doubts. This was a good reminder/sign that we’re onto something here and need to continue the path forward. And this showed them first-hand just how powerful this niche can be in our community.” – Dan Bedard, Carolina Family Estate Planning, Cary, NC