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With the Dementia Focused Practice (DFP) approach, firms are dedicated to helping people with dementia and their loved ones navigate through all stages of the disease process by ensuring that they have access to the appropriate legal, medical and social services, as well as support.


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After they walk through the door, get them to hire you!

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When you hire, develop and engage the right staff, your profitability goals become a reality!

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Taking time to focus on your well-being will lead to an even greater personal success!

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Brainstorm with us and others in Dementia Focused Practice to get your answers.

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We begin by providing clarity for your specific needs and goals. Then we help you advance forward within your practice using our guiding principles and core concepts, which have helped attorneys across the U.S. for over 20 years!

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Kim Hegwood

Hegwood Law Group ​


“I put off joining MDS for a long time. It was something always in the back of my mind. I joined in July 2016 as a Mastermind member and never looked back, and this year, I became a million-dollar law firm!” ​

David Wingate

Elder Law Office of David Wingate  Frederick, MD 


I joined MDS several years ago, but then cancelled my membership.  Big mistake! 

I realized I wasn’t achieving the goals I’d set, and so I returned to MDS in April 2017 as a Gold member and then became a Mastermind member just 5 months later. Julie is there to guide you and hold you accountable.  They get to know your staff and challenge and push you to build a thriving law firm.  If you haven’t achieved this kind of success, stop spinning your wheels. You owe it to yourself to check out MDS.  Attend an event.  The energy in the room is contagious and motivates you to be your best self. 

Miriam Biber

Executive Director at The Elder Law Firm Grand Rapids, MI


Our membership with Million Dollar Solution has been critical in moving our firm forward.  Julie and her team’s coaching has been the gentle push that lets us think beyond where we are while simultaneously feeling validated and encouraged.  Not only are we moving forward, but with MDS support and guidance, we’re making a clear plan and utilizing the experiences of others to guide us. 

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free copy of  “Help More People and Make More Money” book


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